"Seung Chang Park (SCP)" was born in a poor thatched house located in ByukJiRi 1 Goo, DoAmMyun of HwaSoon Goon on the 29DEC1963 and his parents caring him had moved to GwangJu city by driving their one handcart in the cold snowstorm of winter season on the 31JAN1964. He grew up on the KyungYang green fields located in the ShinAn-dong of GwangJu city where he studied the subjects of each education courses from the “SeoLim” elementary school, “ChonNam” middle school, “GeumPa” chemistry engineering high-school and “ChonNam” university from 1MAR1970 year to 26FEB1988 year, step by step, in the national education system of South Korea.

   Unfortunately, Seung Chang Park (his 9 age) on the 14FEB1971 participated in the 1st funeral of his mother who taught him how to read, pronounce and memorize the 1st Sijo “Single Heart” created by (PoEun) Mong Ju Jeong (1337~1392) who was a loyalist of Corea Dynasty and the 2nd Sijo “HanSanDo” created by (DeokAm) Soon Shin Yi (1545~1598) who was a admiral of ChoSun Dynasty. He should memorize the people education charter announced by Korea Government of President “Jeong Hee Park” on the 1st grade of elementary school. He (Korean 11 years old) was died during 8 hours by the disease “Japanese Encephalitis” on the 20~21AUG1973.

   After the death, Seung Chang Park (his 13 age) received the 1st certificate of excellence award from his “SeoLim” elementary school. He had the 1st family photo of his parents ( Father and stepmother ), younger 2 sisters and 2 brothers. In a night dream, his late mother appeared to say to him “My son! it is not this time of your death. After receiving some great and holy prizes, you may come to Heaven”. In the 1st grade of “ChonNam” middle school, he received the 1st winning picture from “HanGookIlBo” newspaper on the 6NOV1976. He had drawn the landscape of green beautiful “ChonNam” agriculture college in his Summer Vacation.

From 5 years-old to 8 years-old, Seung Chang Park went to the “ShinAn-dong” Presbyterian church with hands of his mother and maternal grandmother. His benevolent maternal grandmother was the deaconess and his faithful grandfather was the deacon for “NamPyung Presbyterian church. From 1967 year to 2012 year, he has read the Bible hundreds of times. He is a theist. After his forthcoming 2nd death to go to Heaven of the spiritual world, his spirit believes our relationship between a material and an universe including a weak boson and black hole. Namely, his theory is the ubiquitous God which is including Nobel from 15APR2003.

   Seung Chang Park was a scholarship student from his “GeumPa” chemistry engineering high-school to his “Chon Nam” university (1MAR1979~26FEB1988). His 1st majority was a chemistry instrument faculty in his high-school. He acquired his 1st national certified 2 grade technician to handle some dangerous materials like Gasoline or Petroleum in May 1980 when the great Korea “GwangJu democracy movement” against the open of 5th republic politics owned by Doo Whan Jeon (1931~2021.11.23.) was started on the 18MAY1980. His 2nd majority of electrical and electronic engineering was a electrical engineering faculty in his university.

His hobbies were focusing on some record things like a book, a music album, a photo, a picture, etc. His brain and sensors are still working for some effective successful results, services, contents or products like his famous STELA ( Science, Technology, Education, Literature and Art ) industries from his 17 years-old to now (his 59 years-old in 2021 year). Therefore his normal seeing, hearing, sniffing, tasting, touching and thinking are very sensitive for his targets and environment. His total feeling and abilities are various like reading, writing, speaking, analyzing, translating, computing, controlling, calibrating, drawing, singing, playing, performing or dancing, etc.

   His personality and characteristics are good, kind, bright, soft, warm, gentle, wise, high-minded, intelligent, smart, moderate, mild, opened, pure, credible, truthful, faithful, courageous, diligent, honest, active, modest, democratic, positive, affirmative, professional, strong, tolerant, virtuous, economical, temperate, sincere, moral, ethic, beautiful, humble, loyal, precognitive and forecasting for himself, his family, KITELA members  and our human civilized future-lives. His 1st literature was the exercise to create his unique poem, diary, essay and novel from the 1JAN1983 but he was an introvert neat student until 15APR1996 when he established his start-up company “ACCTIMS Co., Ltd.”. His impressive 1st foreign novel which he had read during December 1981 was the “Narziss and Goldmund” created by Hermann Hesse(1877.7.2.~1962.8.9.) who was the winner of Nobel Prize in Literature in 1946.

   Seung Chang Park was a donator of Pop-song DJ ( Disk Jockey ) talent and Tenor of Daeduk R&D complex Chorus from 1APR1989 to 31MAR1991 (fully 2 years) as his hobbies. His 1st amateur “SingerSongWriter” challenger to the contest of MBC rookies in January 1990 was failed and stopped his music creation. However, his 1st rock-band on December 1982 and 2nd rock-band on December 1995 were failed because of the “Drum Player” member’s breakaway with a disc disease. Nevertheless, he will publish his unique the 1st song and music album in the rest of his healthy life (15APR 2023 of his age 61 ~ 14APR2043 year of his age 81). He has respected the Greek philosopher such as Platon of Idea and Utopia, Socrates of Human consciousness and Knowledge and Hipporates "Father of Medicine", the European philosopher such as Carl Bacon of Empiricism, Rene Descartes of Rationalism, Emmanuel Kant of Ethics and the Critique of practical reason and Pure reason, Nietzsche and Spinoza and Sartre of Existentialism , etc.

   Seung Chang Park was a member of research staff working for the development of 1st Korea “MooGoongHwa” Satellite and its ground station including VSAT ( Very Small Aperture Terminal ) system from the 1MAR1989 to the 13APR1996. Specially, he was working for ETRI and MPR Teltek of B.C Tel Corp. located in Vancouver of Canada. From the 10JUN1991 to the 14MAY1993, he was dispatched by ETRI of Korea national R&D institute located in Daeduk R&D complex. He had developed the microprocessor i80286 board and RS-232/422/485 boards. ETRI’s project was the 1st international cooperation for him. He has respected the Futurist such as Alvin Toffler of "the 3rd Wave" and "Power Shift" books, Peter Ferdinand Drucker of "Future Enterprise" book, John Naisbitt of the "Megatrends" book, Bill Gates of the "the way to future" and "Speed of thoughts" books and Fritjof Capra of "the Turning Point" book, etc. 

   After his literature exercise from January 1983 year to April 1996, he had searched the press media to announce his poems with free charge and found out ETRI magazine. From time to time in 1989~1996 year, as his homely ETRI literature, he had created his unique poems including his 1st representative poems-book <Title: We until sleeping again> announced on ETRI magazine of June in 1989 year and 2nd announcement <Title: Waiting for Autumn> in August 1990. His 5th poems-book “Cherry Blossoms Snow” was read by Korean readers through his 1st book-concert on the 11JAN 2014 ( his birthday 14NOV1963 in its lunar calendar ) after he has read the poem "Grass" of poet "Soo Young Kim", the poem "Flower" of poet "Choon Soo Kim", the poem "Homesickness" of poet "Ji Yong Jeong", the poem "A Buddhist Dance" of poet "Ji Hoon Jo" and the poem "Prologue" of poet "Dong Joo Yun", etc.

   As his 1st poem prize “Bronze Statue” was given by K-Water Corp. managing the “SooGong culture festival and Family writing contest” on the 1JUN1995. His mental power, spirit, health, abilities, heart, mind, belief, philosophy, ideology, capabilities, linguistic culture and sensors to create his own literature works was proven by readers such as ETRI readers or some general readers. His literary works and products are based on characteristics of health, appreciation for the arts, romance and healing of body and spirit because his life value is helpful for other people. His 1st debut was established by the 3rd prize “Silver Statue” of the Korea 4th Light-village Literature contest and literature magazine “MoonHakSeDae(文學世代)” on the 25MAY2013.

   Seung Chang Park has been the ICT consultant member of KMTCA(KGCCA), KITELA, KLEDA, IEIE, IEEE, ISO/IEC JTC1, KSA, TTA, ETRI, IITP, KOCCA, NIPA, KISDI, KAIST, KETEP, citizen of DaeJeon metropolitan city and GL Group of New York (U.S.A), IJLA, German B4Umind, ADB, EBRD, etc. from 1OCT1997 to now. He has been the president of ACCTIMS Co., Ltd. (15APR1996~22JUN2005), POLYSOFT Co., Ltd.(14 JAN2000 ~31MAR2007), UOC Co., Ltd. (23JUN2005~30NOV2011) and book publisher company KITELA (1FEB2018~Now). He also has been the editorial member of “International Journal of Literature and Arts (IJLA); ISSN Print : 2331-0553, ISSN : 2331-057X, http:// www.sciencepublishinggroup.com/j/ijla” on the 30JUN2021.

   He was the excellent prize ( Title : the Radio wave giving my life the light of God ) of 1st warm Radio world “Essay” contest managed by ETNEWS and Korea RAPA on the 23NOV2006 and the most excellent prize ( Title : 3 patents are the embers of a venture ) of “I love a venture” memoir contest managed by KOVA ( Korea Venture Business Association ) on the 6OCT2003. His famous poem “Azalea” was created just during 100[sec] in the Korea 4th Light-village (his hometown "GwangJu city") Literature contest managed by the “JaYu MoonHak SeDae(文學世代 문학세대)” Artists Association on the middle of April 2013. His Pen Name was 100[sec] from then or White Grass from 1JAN1983, Humanitarian from 1JAN2018. He have written and created his own poems and published his 5th poetry-book "Title: Cherry Blossoms Snow" on the 11JAN2014. 

   As the legend of IT Ethics leader, Seung Chang Park lecturer of IT Ethics was appointed by KADO on the 27JUL2004 and his mentor coaching mentees in the projects of Hanium ICT mentoring managed by FKII from 1MAR2005, his special < Protection Law for Personal information > lecture was appointed by KPIPA on the 4NOV2013. He was the u-business assistant administrator in the u-Korea Forum managed by MIC from the 15APR2003. His 1st SF Novel “Ubitopia” was published by ETNEWS on the 25JUN2004. He announced his columns for Korea < the future Ubiquitous IT world > on the magazine [Monthly Science Dong-A] on October 2004 and [ Future Column ] of KookMin IlBo from November 2005 to April 2006, [ ASTI Column ] of KISTI national institute from 2016 to now.

   His technology-converged works or productions were famous or extraordinary in Korean nano-semiconductor industry or Korean innovative 4th industry revolution of Electronics of devices, circuits and systems, Electricity of Smart Grid and battery, Information, Knowledge, Computer, Server, Terminal, Telecommunication, Software, Contents, e-Biz Solutions, Smart Devices, Smart City, Smart Farm, Smart Highway, Smart Antenna, Smart Sensor or Smart Media, etc. His specialized books are the series to analyze the most advanced ( high-tech ) new technology information or commercialized strategies of enterprises ordered by JinHan MnB book publisher until now.

   He has been the chairman of study groups to be consisted of experts or authors invited by JinHan MnB book publisher from 1JAN2009. He has been the best mentor of Hanium ICT mentoring projects in FKII from March 2005 to now, the mentor of software maestro project managed by FKII and the IT Ethics mentor for the national special project to promote the next BoB ( Best of Best ) security leaders managed by KITRI from 5JUL2012 to 31AUG2012. He has been the poet registered on iKWA from 1AUG2019 to now and the writer registered on PEN Korea Association from 30MAR2021 to now.

   His representative poem “Relationship(IoT)” was elected by Energy Times on the 31MAY2015. He had established the IT-Ethics Literature and Art through the special concert of poetry readings and music songs to provide many contents of morality, ethics, laws, regulations, rules, right order and humanism from Korea to our future “Human + AI server + IoT intelligence like Smart Robot/Drone/Vehicles” world. He was the representative author of the textbook “Ubiquitous Life Ethics” published by JinHan MnB book publisher on the 30JUL2009. He has been donating his excellent ICT knowledge, information, technology, scientific data and wisdom to some world-wide students until his December 2043 (his age 81).

   Seung Chang Park has been the best ICT professor to teach his subject courses and topics related to Electronics, Telecommunications, Microwave/Optical/Ultra Sonic/LED(VLC)/Laser Communication, e- Biz Solutions, Software, Contents, Semiconductor, Brown Tube/PDP/LCD/LED/OLED/Display technology, Broadcasting, MPEG IPMP, DRM, CMS, KMS, Copyright Solutions, Computer Programming, Microprocessor, Microcomputer/controller, Nano Bio Chip on BINT(Bio+IT+Nano Technology), Poem/Novel/Technology Scenario, e-Publication Solutions, e-Book, AR/VR/MR/XR/ Metaverse, Block Chain, Quantum Computer, Encrypting file system, Digital Transformation, Laser Show, Drone Show, 3D Hologram, Media Facade, MOT, Ethics Management, IPR/CSR/ESG Management, etc.

   His 1st “Social Contribution” Grand Prize was given by National Assembly on the 27DEC2013 and His 1st “Education Donation” Grand Prize was given by Ministry Of Education on the 22NOV2018. His 1st excellent prize of IT Ethics lecturer was given by Choong Chung postal office on the 27DEC2006. His 1st Information Culture Prize was given by Ministry of Science Technology and ICT on the 15JUN2023. His 1st prize of Digital Transformation was given by KSA on the 7DEC2021. His 1st excellent prize of a researcher was given by ETRI on the 4MAR1991. His 1st excellent consultant prize of technology consulting services was given by SMBA on the 16MAY2013. His new ideas of RFID, USN, software or mobile banking were elected by Banks, Korean institutes or Associations.

  Seung Chang Park has published the 1st ISSN book [ totally 98th book ] "IJITELA (International Journal of IT Ethics' Literature and Art)" in Korea National Library system (https://www.nl.go.kr/seoji/) on the 25JUN2023 and opened its book-ceremony with Vietnam Ambassador to Seoul and KITELA members and his mentees. His 1st SF movie synopsis "IoC ( Internet of Cosmos : His totally 99th book )" was selected by DaeJeon SF Forum on the 12JUL2022 and its movie script ( Film Scenario ) will be developed from Y.2024 to Y.2025 with new writers and movie-marketing companies. His total 100th book [ 20th poetry-book ] publication ceremony is opened on the 29DEC2023 [ his fully 60 birthday ]. From the 6JAN2024 of New Year ceremony in KITELA and POSEN(Korean) and POSENS(Foregner), his 101th book of IJITELA with our Korean and Global KITELA members will be published on the 25JUN2024.

   Seung Chang Park is a member of Marquis Who's Who from the 14DEC2023 and has asked Bob Dylan ( the winner Y.2016 of Nobel prize in Literature ) the recommendation letter ( printed paper or e-mail BobDylan.pdf file ) to be submitted to the commission of Y.2024 Nobel prize in Literature. His application to Nobel prize in Literature and challenge to International/Korean Contests to submit his newest 3 poems to Frontier Poetry ( in U.S.A ) and newest 1 poem to the Moth ( in Europe ) in October ~ December Y.2023. His STELAMIS ( Science, Technology, Education, Literature, Art, Management, Industry, Standard ) contribution activities are continued from the 13FEB1989 to the 31DEC2043.